Life moves on , whether you are ready or not…….

Played Woodstock and had a great crowd. Fantastic gig and wonderfully appreciative crowd.  A week or so,later we played a smaller but even more appreciative crowd at Chukkar Farms. don and I10440722_10202946895928740_1493979657318083131_n

The next day, the Ryan Carri SUPERBAND made its debut and that was LOUD. That evening, I played solo for the Humane Society and immensely enjoyed the opportunity to play strait ahead jazz for 2 and 1/2 hours.  humane society gig 1 humane society gig 2.0

We lost my mother in this same time period and had a funeral and several trips over and back to Birmingham. She was a great lady and although we are missing her and sad over her passing, it was a blessing in how it all happened.  God is great, all the

Looking forward to the immediate future, going to hear the Count Basie Band on Sunday and then I am playing with the GPC Jazz ensemble on Monday at a charter school in Atlanta.IMG_0079

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WOW…time flies!!!

We have had quite a couple of months for me. I have played with the “worst wedding band” in the world. (more on that later) and have had a rain out of a really great concert (rescheduled for Oct 4th) and got to see my good friend Craig Meyer (almost Elton John) as well as planning some great stuff for the future. The DCO played the largest outdoor craft festival in the country and had a great time. We have other stuff planned coming up. (see below)
This last weekend Ryan Goodwin, mixer and producer and drummer and guitar player and bass player extraordinaire, put together a jazz combo from a couple of us from times past to play at The Roselawn Craft fair this weekend. I think his health wasn’t good enough for him to get his band together, so we played a couple of standards for a total of 40 minutes. What a gig. Sounded like we hadn’t rehearsed and we hadn’t!!! (see link)
The lady who has put together the “worst wedding band” in the USA has a different keyboard player every gig and a male singer who is from Oklahoma….God bless him. “Its a little bit funeeeeeee…” with the worst twang you have ever heard. The regular drummer is from Poland and doesn’t read a lick of music. The bass player, who is very good btw, is the Bass player in a FEMALE AC DC Tribute band. Go figger!!! She sells her band as part of the Groupon plan, so Groupon gets 55% (so she says) of the money and takes forever to pay. We have played an Indian wedding in a voluminous marble encased hall….hello….hello hello hello…… forever. And we have played a Corporate gig for some BMW sales people who weren’t alive when the music we were playing was famous. Im talking 60-70-80s and ended up playing from the iPod for the latter half of the program.
The DCO did end up working on booking 3 dates at a local theater (read famous and lots of attendance) and another outdoor venue for the “Night under the Stars” Concert dealie with Douglas Cameron.
I got to participate in an interesting online collaboration with someone by adding clarinet, flute, and sax to some old radio recordings that will eventually be out on a CD soon. They sent me the files, I played some trax and sent them back and they did all the mixing. May be the way of the future.
I got promoted to bari at the GPC Jazz ensemble and we have 2 gigs for that to play this semester. Playing some interesting stuff.
There is always something music to be done………


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End and a beginning.

hand therapy

Hand Therapy and Healing of the Soul

Around 1986 or so, I started Hand Surgery Practice and needed a hand therapist. I met Martha. She came up from Atlanta where she worked for Rachel at a really good hand rehab center. Martha would truck up to my office every week and see the folks I had for her to see and make them well with her OT skills and her wonderful caring personality.  She continued to do that until a couple of years ago when she contracted an incurable sarcoma. There were 2 years of chemotherapy and treatment and surgery, but ultimately she succumbed to her disease. 

Yet today, at her funeral, there was so much love and caring in the room. She had given unconditional love to many thru the 20 plus years of caring and helping folks with her expansive heart and her skills.  Unbridled by normal life, she was able to transcend the cares of this earth and love from the heart everyone she met. And we all acknowledged that today. She will live on in all our hearts and the hearts of the many she has touched over the years. I can only hope that I might make some small change in the world before my time here is thru.

Godspeed Martha. We love you too!!  See you when we meet again.



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Shooting is good for the soul.

New Para 14.45 Expert Double Stack  45 ACP.

IMG_1142 IMG_1143 IMG_1149 IMG_1150

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FRAUD, is it really the enemy??

I have a great credit rating and really don’t live a very extravagant lifestyle but upon occasion, I will put purchases on my credit card that are larger than normal. Examples are $800 or so for AETNA health care, $3200 for a new water line, and these have been “DENIED” because they were large in amount and atypical for my usual credit pattern. Oh, sure, the credit card company sends me a nice email, lot of good that is gonna do me when Im out and about, and tells me to call them. By the time I get around to doing that, both the plumber and the insurance company are interested in getting paid,LIKE NOW!!!
I understand as do you, the problems in the credit card industry.
So, trying to be pro active, I contacted them thru text to let them know I was gonna take a trip and that I didn’t want to be left hanging with no credit card that worked out of town. Soooooo, here is the conversation…….

Welcome to an online chat session at Bank of America. Please hold while we connect you to the next available Bank of America Online Banking Specialist. Your chat may be monitored and recorded for quality purposes. Your current wait time is approximately 1 minutes. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for choosing Bank of America. Swetlana Kaduski is ready to assist you. For security purposes, please remember to close your chat window when completed.

Swetlana Kaduski: To assist you with your personal credit card account, may I please have your first and last name along with the last four digits of the credit card account number?
You: Saunders Jones jr**** sorry I lost internet service there for a second. I was talking to Greg. Anyway, I was telling you that I am taking a trip to Panama City Fla and Im renting a car and condo and wanted to make sure that you wouldn’t flag my charges
You: on my credit card from there, meals and gas etc….
Swetlana Kaduski: Thank you, Saunders
You: and a charge for the condo and a rental car
Swetlana Kaduski: Thank you for notifying us about your travel plan.
Swetlana Kaduski: I will help you with the steps to place the travel details on your account so that you can use your card without any interruption. If incase, it doesn’t work for you, I will provide with the specialists number.
Swetlana Kaduski: Is that fine with you?
You: ok
Swetlana Kaduski: Thank you.
Swetlana Kaduski: Please give me a moment while I review your account details.
Swetlana Kaduski: I appreciate your time and patience.
You: roger
You: zzzzzzzzzzz
You: lol
You: :0
Swetlana Kaduski: I am sorry for keep you waiting. It’s taking more than usual time.
You: its monday
Swetlana Kaduski: Here are the steps:
Swetlana Kaduski: Click on “Accounts” tab
Swetlana Kaduski: Click the desired credit card account
Swetlana Kaduski: Click on “Information & Services”
Swetlana Kaduski: Under “Services” and below “Manage your account”, click on “Use your card while traveling”
You: ok
You: is that all??
Swetlana Kaduski: – Read the Travel Notice page and click “Set or review travel notice” when finished reading.
Swetlana Kaduski: Under destination field, select the destination from the drop-down list or add the destination. You can add more than one destination by making one selection at a time.
Swetlana Kaduski: Under Travel dates field, use the calendar to enter the dates or type them in MMDDYYYY format. Note: if travel is more than 30 days from today or if you are traveling for more than 90 days, the travel flag cannot be placed online.
Swetlana Kaduski: Under cards field, select the radio buttons for the applicable cards.
Swetlana Kaduski: Under contact phone number field, which is optional, enter the phone number in the format – xxx-xxx-xxxx.
Swetlana Kaduski: Under additional information section, which is optional, you can enter any information you want added to the record regarding the travel.
Swetlana Kaduski: Click “Update”.
Swetlana Kaduski: Please go through the Travel Advisory.
You: ok thanks. have a nice day
Swetlana Kaduski: One moment please.
You: oh there is more?
Swetlana Kaduski: Please know that there will be a 1% foreign transaction fee on the account.
Swetlana Kaduski: I will place a brief note about the transaction on the account.
Swetlana Kaduski: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
You: ok….um panama city is in F L O R I D A
Swetlana Kaduski: Okay.
You: thanks!!
Swetlana Kaduski: I am sorry you will not incur any foreign transaction fee.
Swetlana Kaduski: Have a safe journey!

Im not sure I feel much better about it, but I tried!!

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Getting back into the recording arranging mode.

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Devils Workshop!!

Finally finished with teaching College. Probably forever. I taught my last lecture for the folks at Mercer and finished Georgia Higlands the week before. I had quit the folks at Kennesaw the semester before. Not that it wasn’t fun and exciting, just not fun enough and exciting enough to get up on Friday or Saturday am and drag myself down there to talk for FOUR hours!!! and then grade the freaking exams. Just no support. So, Im done.  The music has taken over my concentration and I have been frantically organizing several events for several bands, a wedding and in my free time (devilsworkshop) I have been learning to play the flute better and recording some tracks. 

The flute thing has bugged me for years and I have been trying to master the silver tube. Im getting better, slowly. I have an angel of a teacher who puts up with ME!! and all my bad habits (sax habits do not transfer to flute playing).

Here is something I did yesterday or maybe sunday?!?!

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