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And a Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!!!   Have had a quiet vacation with the only really exciting event being the arrival of my “new” Mark 6 alto from Jay Davidson.  It was owned by him and by Malach prior to that and it … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone……!!

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Be Careful What you say and how you say it……….

 The heart is commonly reached, not through the reason, but through the imagination, by means of direct impressions, by the testimony of facts and events, by history, by description. Persons influence us, voices melt us, looks subdue us, deeds inflame … Continue reading

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Xmas and etc……….

Christmas time is here…..the musical went well last nite at the church. I played some tenor on Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas and there were bells and flute and choirs and OMG!!! The semester is finished so I’m getting … Continue reading

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Its the simple acts of Kindness and good will………….

Nothing is so easy to men of goodwill as goodwill itself, and this is all that God requires. Every act of goodwill permanently and sensibly increases goodwill. Trifling acts of goodwill are often more efficacious in this way than great … Continue reading

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Christmas music and music appreciation……..

AH the xmas season. Played for the open house at Felton Manor today. Tough room. Gotta play for yourself because those folks are just interested in where their next meal is coming from!! Music is a great gift that conveys … Continue reading

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