Down time….

I have been pretty busy with midterm exams for my students and band stuff. We pulled off a great concert
at the Grand Theater in Cartersville and the CD’s are in and for sale not
only locally but on CD Baby  The GPC band concert was great as well as the
Swing Dance at Ga tech this last weekend. Also, the EJS BIG BAND played at the Big Shanty Arts Festival
on sunday and the weather was fabulous!!!!!!!!   No practice this week and only thursday in Dalton and friday in
Acworth for the Waterstone Grill. I have hundreds of pictures from these last few gigs and only put up a fraction
of them.  Wow. Time to relax and chill………… November 1 is  coming fast!SJ_Dinner_at_Joneses_035

About sjonesjrmd

Orthopedic Surgeon by training, a Jazz player since the 4th grade, Dr Jones is now retired and playing around north Georgia.
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2 Responses to Down time….

  1. Unknown says:

    I finally signed up for a Windows Live ID so I could comment on your blog.  Who made this excellent picture?

  2. Unknown says:

    Well, apparently I need to add my name to my comments because it doesn\’t show on this thing.  -Katie

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