Its the most wonderful time of the year…….sorta……

Wow……..this week is lab midterms for four days and 2 lecture exams on Wednesday!!!
The plan is to get all the testing done before the students go off on spring break next week. Friday tax stuff is due!!!Tomorrow, Im doing the Science Olympiad at Woodstock HS all day and then Sunday Im going to take a real deep breath!!!!   Music is great and we have added 2 new swing dances to the EJS big band schedule.  We are now talking about a Xmas CD……cool.  And, to top it all off, Ive been dealing with a kidney stone yesterday and today. It is such that I had to cancel my gig at the Waterstone grill.  Seems that I have one every year about this time!!! So…….Im glad to be able to play anywhere anytime!!! I think it is moving on down and hopefully will be out of contention by the end of the weekend!!!!!  Aint Life GRAND…….yes it is!!!!

About sjonesjrmd

Orthopedic Surgeon by training, a Jazz player since the 4th grade, Dr Jones is now retired and playing around north Georgia.
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