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Friday nite at the Aquarium!/photo.php?v=10150290108670186&notif_t=video_comment

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wonder what is gonna happen…..

Well, yesterday I found out that apparently KSU wont need my services after this year. BUT, if I wait a year, they would be interested in hiring me back…..some secret handshake or something. Anyways, Im looking for an AP teaching … Continue reading

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Moving on into the 21st century……….kinda…….

Well I have been wanting to improve the signal path and way I record in my home studio. I have been researching software and hardware but finally was pushed to move on to something bigger/better when my wifes laptop became … Continue reading

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What was old is New Again……..

Getting started on school stuff again.  I really like the anticipation of new students who really want to learn what I have to teach.  I get excited. In addition, the “bands” will get started up soon.  The EJS BIG BAND … Continue reading

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