Yeah, wow, lots going on……whew!!

SOooooooooo, starting back in the first weekend of October, the DCO played at the Resurgens amphitheater in Woodstock on Friday nite. We had rain ALLL week long and were worried about the weather. the problem with outdoor gigs is RAIN! The tables were sold and it was a rain or shine deal but still, we didn’t want it to be unpleasant  because then we would be playing to an empty amphitheater. Hurricane Joaquin was stirring up the atmosphere and NOBODY knew what to expect. Fortunately, is was nice Friday nite and only misted once. We had about a 80% crowd and they were enthusiastic!  Then the next morning, we loaded onto a bus and travelled to Wilmington NC to play for my good friends wedding. The weather was just rainy going up but when we got to NC it was sunny and hot!!!  We left there about 930pm and when we got to SC the rain came down in buckets. The bus driver had no problems and when we got to Ga the rain went away and it was bone dry. bus pic bbc

Later this week we finished the EJS BIG BAND CD for the summer band camp and polished off the final changes.

Studio 222 where the magic happens!!

Studio 222 where the magic happens!!

Later that week, we recorded some Christmas tracks with the combo for a singer. Then Friday night, we played for a Lions Club event to help the unsighted and the loss of sight in the Greater Atlanta area. The band was cooking and we talked about a European tour……??elm streeet friday nite Oct2

SO…… is good!!!!!  Coming up this week, I have to get over this head cold, my singer has a leg injury, my lead trumpet player has an eye problem and cant play, my bass player is out, my tenor sax player needs sleep, my bari player cant hear, my drummer overslept, my keyboard players mother is on her final days and my lead trombone player is going to a car show…….just regular stuff.  Concert next Monday with the GPC jazz ensemble, then another gig for a non profit!!!!  Keeep em coming…..haiti gig poster

About sjonesjrmd

Orthopedic Surgeon by training, a Jazz player since the 4th grade, Dr Jones is now retired and playing around north Georgia.
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