Well to be honest, I’ve been kinda busy. 



Booking a big band is a tough sell in today’s market. First, its expensive. To bring talented players out to a gig and pay them enough to show them their talents are appreciated costs more than a DJ. This, combined with the dwindling number of people who appreciate good jazz and good big band and it’s a tough sell. But it can be done. Fortunately, I have continued to play with some really good bands and run a group of really talented folks. So we are chipping away at what is left of the market.

In addition, I have continued to play with a couple of groups. No, these folks are not close and I have to travel to play with them, but you have to go where the gigs are. Today, we played for an Atlanta Track Club Road Race and last weekend it was for an Alzheimer’s Walk. But, its playing.

I am also part of a small jazz combo that is going to Portugal in late January for a week. So there is that.berlin-pic

Also, my nurse of a hundred years, took off to the UK for a vacation so I am trying to remember all the clinical stuff on my own…..but there is this…..

I received a phone call from the head of nursing at the local hospital. She reported that her son had a broken leg (below the knee) and that she was at a hospital in Atlanta. The problem was, that the ER doctor refused to let her transfer her son to “her” hospital which was more convenient, closer and near to all her medical professionals that she was familiar with.

This ER doctor was telling her all about compartment syndrome and losing his leg if he went to a hospital that wasn’t capable of taking care of this “really complicated fracture” etc.  This lady is a RN and although she had been in administration for a number of years, she still was clinically savvy enough to know that this was mostly BS and this ER guy just didn’t want to send his patient away and wanted it taken care of at HIS hospital.

I called this guy and reassured him that we were capable of doing whatever it took to take care of this lady’s son and he still refused to transfer the patient.  What a dork. So, being a control taker, and being asked by the head of nursing at my hospital to help, I called the local ambulance service, met them at the ER at my hospital and off we went to the ER where Dr. Dork resided.

We showed up at the ER, signed whatever papers they wanted us to sign, clearing them of all liability and responsibility and loaded her son up and trucked him back to our HOME hospital.  We put a cast on his leg the next day, as I recall, and sent him home and he healed un eventfully.

Come see the Rat Pack Show on November 4thstand-front-final-ratpack-cropped13187899_10207488826432973_1677585208_n


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Orthopedic Surgeon by training, a Jazz player since the 4th grade, Dr Jones is now retired and playing around north Georgia.
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