So a lot has happened since last I took finger to keyboard.  Trump Won. There is that.

Music, well, I am going to Portugal in January with the same crew that I was with in Berlin playing Jazz at several big locations in Cascais (sp?). We will be playing with the combo for about 10 days and days and nights have been booked. We hooked up with a very talented keyboard player to go with us and another one to do our demo’s. Portugal 2 minute demo

Peachtree Jazz Edition has been playing at outdoor and indoor venues and I am now playing lead tenor for them instead of Bari. A delightful change simply because I hate lugging that thing around!! We have played a really classy benefit and had a great time. [je.JPG  This weekend we are playing for a fundraiser for the children and it should be a gas!!  Great Gatsby Party

The BBC playing for a Rat Pack Group just got thru at the Strand Theater in Marietta on the Square and did a great show. treio-nov-4  Tomorrow nite , I will be playing with the Jamie Leonard trio on the sidewalk for a Holiday Celebration outside (chilly) then for a Magnolia Garden Club reception Friday after that, and at the Tellus Museum for a Client appreciation dinner with the CJ “Little Jazz Band”. Got a full weekend coming up.

Sold my house in Jasper and my Mother in Law is moving to town. So………this should be interesting!!!

Life goes on!!!!  Shalom….   (found this TITUS3:1-15)





About sjonesjrmd

Orthopedic Surgeon by training, a Jazz player since the 4th grade, Dr Jones is now retired and playing around north Georgia.
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