Guilt of the web blog…..

The weblog is a great place for me to put down my thoughts in a more complete way than FB or Twitter or whatever and to let “everyone” know what is going on with my music etc.  When things get really busy, however, I’m working and not writing.

So, booking a big band is a work/job in itself. Since the first of the year, I have booked and produced four events, all of which were well received but not great big moneymakers.

Back in November, we booked a fundraiser at the (Name deleted to avoid repercussion) and I made sure that we had confirmation about the date etc. because I had to sign some contracts and pay some monies to folks. I repeatedly asked for confirmation about the date and was told to go ahead in no uncertain terms.  So I went ahead, we had some rehearsals, got some new charts………and the venue “texted” me about 4 weeks before the gig and said they couldn’t “go forward, due to circumstances beyond their control”. Sheesh!!  So I’m out $2K and got no way to get it back!!  Thanks a lot!!!  So we move on to the next gig.

We played a great fundraiser for a High School and raised $1500 for their band program and it was a great rehearsal for a Country Club gig we have coming up.  We have another gig at the Yellow Daisy Festival coming up again and are working on some other dates. Just seems that a big band is not at the top of the general population’s preference.

EJS is booked in May and again in July.

I had a great trip to Portugal and played a Jazz Club, a number of churches and schools and had a great trip with the combo. You can see some pics at our FB page (Saunders Jones Music) and see all the fun times!  I hope to go back again next summer!!

So, we have not succumbed to life but have been swimming in soccer games, mission trips, church drama, etc. Life goes on!!!


Playing for a corporate gig at a Hotel in Atlanta


Playing a fundraiser


Toni Byrd at the fundraiser


Sax section


Toni, Roberta , and Laura


Roberta and the band


About sjonesjrmd

Orthopedic Surgeon by training, a Jazz player since the 4th grade, Dr Jones is now retired and playing around north Georgia.
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