Its Been a Long,Long,Time…..

Been soooo busy. I guess that is a good excuse to use because it means that you have not been self absorbed enough to write a blog so the world can see what you are doing.
After a great summer full of two trips to the beach IMG_2078with grandkids and grandmother, and the sale of our mountain house, MIL has sold her house in Atlanta and moved up here with us. She has bought a house and we no longer have a one hour trip one way to see Great Grandma!!
We have watched thru a season of soccer and ballet and football with the tricycle motors. Takes one back a few years.
Have continued to scratch for bookings of our big band. We even recorded a new VOCAL CD with Laura Coyle and Toni Byrd and Roberta. sj lightsThe EJS BIG BAND performed in a great concert in Dalton and we have some really great new talent. Don Sipos is playing first tenor and Clay Duke has added himself to the singing corps with and band 2
I resumed playing in PTC with the PJE on first tenor due to illness on the part of the wife of their previous tenor player. I had played bari sax with them for years in the past. It’s a lot of fun.
The CD that we recorded was done again at Madlife Studios and Ryan is again producing and mixing the tracks. They sound great so far, but we are in the early lab stages.


Toni, Roberta , and Laura

The plans have been made and finalized to go to Portugal with the combo this next May and Toni Byrd has said she would go with us!!! So there is that……..mission of 6 portugal
Sunday, the BBC Big band (or the DON KASTEN BIG BAND) is playing without a singer (as requested) and offering some great jazz and patriotic tunes. WE do this every year and they seem to like it and it’s a fun gig.
Jason Passmore, a great friend and fabulous sax player, died this year and we are still a little shocked over the whole deal.IMGP5068 All the bands that I am in that he played with have raised over $6K for his family. We also played a benefit concert for him at the VELVET NOTE. I got to meet some great folks he knewl
I did some free form “busking” at the downtown plaza one night and it was good rehearsal. TODAY, I just got back from Hartsfield Atlanta Airport and the auditions that they held for players to play in the Airport for the arriving and departing passengers. Interesting. It was cold and wet and windy and OUTDOORS!!! Whatever happens to that will be OK.
Clay Duke was heard singing by one of his dads friends IMGP1584who wants to get together a R and B type band so John Houghton and I and another player (bone) somebody recruited are playing in a horn section in a band that plays all your favorites. So.that is coming up in October.
This season of life promises to be a lot of fun………….stay tuned.



About sjonesjrmd

Orthopedic Surgeon by training, a Jazz player since the 4th grade, Dr Jones is now retired and playing around north Georgia.
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2 Responses to Its Been a Long,Long,Time…..

  1. Glad you are rolling along quite well through life’s storms and its sunshine. Hope the family is well and gigs keep coming for you guys. >~iii~<()

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