Another Year, but a lifetime of experience……

So this year was only another 365 day trip around the sun in absolute time, but I learned more in this year than ever. I have dear friends and relatives dealing with serious health issues. I have turned over the Medicare age this year myself. I had a cardiac event and was snatched back from the clutches of heart disease by todays technology and the wonderful expertise of some very talented health care professionals. Saunders gpc Fall 2018I have had another health problem that when corrected made me much more ill and distressed getting over the procedure than I would have ever thought, yet I learned so much about myself and my wife and life in general. IMG_2655eI learned that our time here is fleeting, and that we must continue to strive for a goal while we are logo  I made an international trip to play music with a Jazz group that will remain in my memory forever as one of the most satisfying events, in spite of sleeping on the floor in the Miami airport and dealing with the transportation system here in the USA.IMG_0904

Music has become my future and I have several great groups of folks that allow me to play with them. I have produced another CD (with massive help from many folks) that is in my mind, the best thing I have ever done so far.Presentation1

We dont have much more time left here. Some leave sooner than others. So use it wisely and with care.SJ at velvet note Life is short. Tell people what you think. If you love them, tell them that. If not, find something you do like about them and mention horn un assembled

Lets go make some more music……because we want to.poster


About sjonesjrmd

Orthopedic Surgeon by training, a Jazz player since the 4th grade, Dr Jones is now retired and playing around north Georgia.
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