Its always something…..

Planning (producing) a big band show has a lot of moving parts. First there is the venue which could be expensive or cheap, but could be all inclusive (lights sound etc) or just be a box. I have done both. Its true that the more you pay, the more you get, but the more you have to charge to attempt to break even.

Then there is the band. A pretty stable group that loves the music and is willing to play for less than a 4 piece combo or whatever, because they love to do what they do, and its a nice venue and we feed em supper. But there are at least 17 moving parts, all with “items of consideration” along with working conditions etc.

The singer(s). Sometimes an asset and sometimes not. Depends. Some will go out of the way to make sure the band is on point and ready and some who just consider the band part of the “crew” that makes things happen for them.  All different variations of the above.

Technical issues and having really good people to help you run a show is key. Find someone you depend on and trust and you can let a good bit of your worry go.

Once you have those issues along with the box office and tickets and the such, you have nailed down everything. Or so you think.


Then the venue calls 10days before the concert and says their ceiling is falling down in the theater and they wont have it fixed by the time for your concert. SHEEESH!!!  Its always something.

But thru the good graces of some really neat people, you find a wonderful venue that is cheaper and better and EVERYONE wants to have it there. Praise the Lord!!

So it all works out……..eventually. Mostly. Usually. But, its always something.



About sjonesjrmd

Orthopedic Surgeon by training, a Jazz player since the 4th grade, Dr Jones is now retired and playing around north Georgia.
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