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Orthopedic Surgeon by training, a Jazz player since the 4th grade, Dr Jones is now retired and playing around north Georgia.

Its always something…..

Planning (producing) a big band show has a lot of moving parts. First there is the venue which could be expensive or cheap, but could be all inclusive (lights sound etc) or just be a box. I have done both. … Continue reading

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Another Year, but a lifetime of experience……

So this year was only another 365 day trip around the sun in absolute time, but I learned more in this year than ever. I have dear friends and relatives dealing with serious health issues. I have turned over the … Continue reading

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We are the total of everyone…..

Comes the end of another great year with great people and great experiences. As we get older, we tend to reflect more because we don’t know what the future will hold for us. What I do know, and am convinced … Continue reading

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Superman’s Cape is muddy…..

Last Wednesday, after the Labor Day holiday on Monday, and some technical problems with the water on Tuesday, I swam at the pool where I usually go. It was around noon and for that reason a lady that swims laps … Continue reading

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Its Been a Long,Long,Time…..

Been soooo busy. I guess that is a good excuse to use because it means that you have not been self absorbed enough to write a blog so the world can see what you are doing. After a great summer … Continue reading

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Guilt of the web blog…..

The weblog is a great place for me to put down my thoughts in a more complete way than FB or Twitter or whatever and to let “everyone” know what is going on with my music etc.  When things get … Continue reading

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Who says you cant play in a marching band as an adult??

I know there are a lot of drum and bugle corps out there and very good ones too. But Monday , on Craigs list and on FB there appeared this ad for 75 marching band players from 6am to 12 … Continue reading

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