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Remember my name? What’s my name?

I was quietly beginning my morning ritual of swimming laps at the local pool, and a man I recognized but didn’t remember where or how began that conversation. I don’t remember the specifics. Don’t ever do that to your doctor. … Continue reading

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Part one…

I’m putting down some thoughts I have had for a LONG time. Bits and pieces of my years in practice as an orthopedic surgeon.  Maybe it might interest some…. The phone rings and I get out of bed for the … Continue reading

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FRAUD, is it really the enemy??

I have a great credit rating and really don’t live a very extravagant lifestyle but upon occasion, I will put purchases on my credit card that are larger than normal. Examples are $800 or so for AETNA health care, $3200 … Continue reading

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A great post on the problems of a medical practice that arent going away…….

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Merry Christmas to ALL……..

http:// I heard this track and thought I could at least put a little vocal effort into it. I am NOT known for my singing, although I would love to be able to sing, and have great respect for those … Continue reading

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Georgia Rib with the USUAL SUSPECTS and the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Heres Guyton singing doing a great job. He works hard!! Last nite at the Peachtree Jazz Edition rehearsal, we found out our keyboard player and equipment and sound guy of 16 years, was going back to school to get a … Continue reading

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You said the WRONG THING!!

Just played 2 gigs in a row with at band that I usually play with and have played with for several years.  The first was a  gig (for free) for “exposure” for the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce at the Peachtree … Continue reading

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