Riding the Catrike Villager

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more stuff going on………

We just got back from a week in PCB with the family (Carlton, Trish, Lori, Mrs Carlton, and Vicki) and had great weather. Life is good.

Carlton and Trish are pregnant with another grandchild (its a BOY!) so life is good. Everyone is healthy. Im playing with my band at Stone Mountain for a patriotic festival  on this Friday (9-11) taping with the Atlanta 17 on Saturday 9-12 at the Comcast studiosWhere the magic happens!! and then Ill be on Channel 11 on 9-24 with Douglas Cameron pushing the outdoor concert in Woodstock Oct .2nd.woodstock dco 0ct 2

Im playing with the band in Wilmington NC OCT 3rd (bus trip!!!) and then again on Oct 10th at the Pine tree CC for a Lions club charity fundraiser, on Oct 17th with the GPC  band at a HS in Atlanta, with the DCO in Duluth for a charitable fundraiser for Haiti on the 30th..haiti gig poster.so life is good and the band is busy.

I have started another project with a guy named larry where I add woodwind parts to some previously released CD’s and he mixes and adds stuff and sells it in the UK. Legal??   I got involved with playing in some nursing homes etc around town and I’m sure it will improve my playing and improve. https://www.facebook.com/groups/475008162664463/

Also, Sam Baltzer is trying to start up a small jazz group in Rome and I went to rehearsal the first time this week. In addition, I got a phone call from somebody who wants to hire me for a couple of gigs……..memory only  Finally thru recording the EJS Summer CD and we have 9 tunes…….after youre gone…….beta and preliminary!

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My closest friends…..

Thursday nite we had a rehearsal of the EJS BIG BAND as we usually do. Everyone was tired of playing the same old tunes over and over, making small little corrections that made the band sound just a bit better every time.  I was a bit concerned that mood would carry over to the planned taping session  at Comcast studios in Atlanta. Friday, I packed the trailer with all the essentials for the gig. Saturday, Jack Howell and I drove to Atlanta and we had a FABULOUS gig. The band was perfect. In fact, this bunch of “gamers” kicked it up a notch.  Everyone was upbeat and having a great time. Everyone enjoyed the process as well as the music.

positioning the back line!!

positioning the back line!!

Everyone pitched in and we had a great session. I spent 3 hours with 18 of my best friends making really good big band jazz!!!

Where the magic happens!!

Where the magic happens!!

Roberta brought it 110% as usual!!

Smooth Operator.....

Smooth Operator…..

Then after all that, I get to start planning playing with the BBC as we back up the incomparable Douglas Cameron as the Douglas Cameron Orchestra. We have rehearsal scheduled for next weekend and Ive got to get all the arrangements out and numbered for the rehearsal.

The following Friday nite 8-21, we play at the STRAND in Marietta, which I think will be a blast.

the strand poster!

the strand poster!

This morning, I took off to Dallas Ga and one of the entrances to the Silver Comet trail. I went with my nurse of 20 years and we had a great time. The trail is awesome and we went about 16 or so miles total.

catrike Trike!!

catrike Trike!!

Came home, had lunch with my nurse, my wife and a close family friend at Applebees (fine dining you know) and went swimming with my youngest son and his family in the pool.  What a great day. Surrounded by my closest friends in work, music and family. Life is good!!!

Roberta killin it

Roberta killin it

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Big and little doin’s..

Played solo for a group that was wine tasting the other nite and had a great time. Good people and apparently they enjoyed the wine and raised some money!!

Got started with my “background check” this week for the school system so I can teach during BAND CAMP at one of the local HS. I was asked to do the sax and clarinets so it should be fun. I went by and got the music and don’t remember playing anything this difficult when I was in HS but that has been a few years. Check out the link below:


I ordered and received some warmups by Aaron Copeland so hopefully I can expand their horizons a bit.  I was going to put it all on a CD for the students but apparently, I have stayed too long with the present set of electronics in my studio and will have to upgrade. I have several pieces of equipment that have “Passed their prime” and are beginning to have significant deficits in their performance such that they need to be replaced. Sad. End of an era. Moores Law in full effect!!

As you might remember, I was intent on doing something outside for exercise this year. I had been swimming 2000 yards in less than 50 minutes 3 times a week for several years,  but I wanted to get back out in the sunshine. I tried biking with a regular bicycle but my balance was not all that great and my fear of fracturing something exceeded my interest in that platform until I found a trike!!! Great goodness!!! what fun! I ordered one from UTAH TRIKES  and have been putting the miles on that little bugger!  I am up to about 60 miles so far, going about 15 miles in about an hour in a half (there are some significant hills around here)  and was doing great until my rear derailleur EXPLODED Thursday am after about 9 miles.  I got it back home and took some pics and sent them off to UTAH TRIKES and they are going to send me a new derailleur asap. Great guys to work with. So I dropped the trike off at the bike shop and cant wait until Im back on the road!!!

catrike Trike!!

catrike Trike!!

Band camp on Monday!!! then playing for a TV spot on July 28th on/at Channel 11 for the DCO event coming up at the STRAND THEATER in Marietta.

Good week!!!!

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Recording with the Little Jazz Band

During the recording we are doing with the EJS Big Band CD, another group of players, some of which have and still do play with the EJS , put together as the Little Jazz Band (including me occasionally on sax/clarinet) wanted to make some demo tracks. So, with just a little modification I set up an 8 track recorder and made some demo tracks with them.   Here are some pics (these are the ones I took so Im not in them) while they were doing SUN AND THE MOON. Abigail Lloyd sings with Danny Barker on bass and Kim Lloyd on drums and Bruce McLeod on keys. The music track doesn’t sync with the movie but gives you an idea.  There will be other pics at http://thelittlejazzband.com/

Scroll down for the movie!!!

And probably on Facebook too!!!IMG_0695 IMG_0699 IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0702 IMG_0703 IMG_0704

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Daily and mundane for most….

So got back from Berlin and managed to get my Dad into a great skilled nursing facility (with much wonderful help from my sister). Played a great concert at Marietta with over 6000 folks. Hope we get that again!!  Got the gig for the Army Band replacement at a 9-11 ceremony in Stone Mountain.  Coming up we have the weekly CD recording sessions with the EJS. We are laying down a track a week for the upcoming CD.  Booked to play a combo gig this Friday and then another solo gig on Saturday nite for the Humane Society. Rehearsing a really great concert upcoming at GPC in Clarkston with their Jazz Ensemble on bari sax. Playing another Video gig at Comcast on August 8th……

When I get asked what am I doing, the answer stumps me. Because nothing I’m doing is interesting to anyone but me. Playing in 3 big bands and combo and solo gigs and learning new stuff on your horn …….lets face it, it has a VERY narrow niche for interest. So I just usually say  I’m mowing the grass a lot. Weather has been great!! And I keep my awesomeness to myself LOL!!

I have had the hankering for something outside that I could do that was exercise since the weather has turned warm. I’m swimming 2000+ yards 3 times a week but its indoors and pretty solitary. I tried going back to tennis but I just cant move as fast as I used to and walking is sooooo boring. I even rented a bicycle to try. I used to ride everywhere in college (before cars) so I thought that would be fun. Yes, it was fun but at my age, a bit scary. I again confronted the lower extremity agility problem.Getting on and off was and adventure and I didn’t have the reflexes I used to have for riding.  Which brought me to my present plan. A trike.  Not a three wheel bike like you would find in a nursing home parking lot but a real two front wheel, driven rear wheel , two derailleur system that I could get going with. I ordered a CATRIKE and we will see what happens over the next few weeks when it shows up!!

catrike Trike!!

catrike Trike!!

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Return from Berlin

After such a great trip to Germany, I returned to play with the DCO last nite in Marietta. I was worried about the weather all week with rain every day, it seemed like.  Last year we were rained out! This year, the weather gods smiled on us and we got great weather. The crowd was awesome and very supportive. There must have been 6000 folks there!!  I was impressed.  The band did a great show and we did 2 hours without a break which is  a big deal for the brass players!!!

Back tonight at the CORK AND TAP for a few hours of pushing broom. We will see how that all goes!!!

cork and tap

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