Recording with the Little Jazz Band

During the recording we are doing with the EJS Big Band CD, another group of players, some of which have and still do play with the EJS , put together as the Little Jazz Band (including me occasionally on sax/clarinet) wanted to make some demo tracks. So, with just a little modification I set up an 8 track recorder and made some demo tracks with them.   Here are some pics (these are the ones I took so Im not in them) while they were doing SUN AND THE MOON. Abigail Lloyd sings with Danny Barker on bass and Kim Lloyd on drums and Bruce McLeod on keys. The music track doesn’t sync with the movie but gives you an idea.  There will be other pics at

Scroll down for the movie!!!

And probably on Facebook too!!!IMG_0695 IMG_0699 IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0702 IMG_0703 IMG_0704

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Daily and mundane for most….

So got back from Berlin and managed to get my Dad into a great skilled nursing facility (with much wonderful help from my sister). Played a great concert at Marietta with over 6000 folks. Hope we get that again!!  Got the gig for the Army Band replacement at a 9-11 ceremony in Stone Mountain.  Coming up we have the weekly CD recording sessions with the EJS. We are laying down a track a week for the upcoming CD.  Booked to play a combo gig this Friday and then another solo gig on Saturday nite for the Humane Society. Rehearsing a really great concert upcoming at GPC in Clarkston with their Jazz Ensemble on bari sax. Playing another Video gig at Comcast on August 8th……

When I get asked what am I doing, the answer stumps me. Because nothing I’m doing is interesting to anyone but me. Playing in 3 big bands and combo and solo gigs and learning new stuff on your horn …….lets face it, it has a VERY narrow niche for interest. So I just usually say  I’m mowing the grass a lot. Weather has been great!! And I keep my awesomeness to myself LOL!!

I have had the hankering for something outside that I could do that was exercise since the weather has turned warm. I’m swimming 2000+ yards 3 times a week but its indoors and pretty solitary. I tried going back to tennis but I just cant move as fast as I used to and walking is sooooo boring. I even rented a bicycle to try. I used to ride everywhere in college (before cars) so I thought that would be fun. Yes, it was fun but at my age, a bit scary. I again confronted the lower extremity agility problem.Getting on and off was and adventure and I didn’t have the reflexes I used to have for riding.  Which brought me to my present plan. A trike.  Not a three wheel bike like you would find in a nursing home parking lot but a real two front wheel, driven rear wheel , two derailleur system that I could get going with. I ordered a CATRIKE and we will see what happens over the next few weeks when it shows up!!

catrike Trike!!

catrike Trike!!

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Return from Berlin

After such a great trip to Germany, I returned to play with the DCO last nite in Marietta. I was worried about the weather all week with rain every day, it seemed like.  Last year we were rained out! This year, the weather gods smiled on us and we got great weather. The crowd was awesome and very supportive. There must have been 6000 folks there!!  I was impressed.  The band did a great show and we did 2 hours without a break which is  a big deal for the brass players!!!

Back tonight at the CORK AND TAP for a few hours of pushing broom. We will see how that all goes!!!

cork and tap

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Back from Berlin

WOW What a great trip. Great music and great people. I have posted a bunch of pics on FB. Played to a bunch of great people in a number of neat venues. Life is an interesting place with eye opening experiences everywhere if you just look!!

brian and Steve

brian and Steve

david steve dave randy brian terry ggc with the combo sj terry and dave

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Building up to the Germany Trip

When we were trying to gear the music choices for this trip to the appropriate venues, we were thinking we would be playing for some “store front” churches. That is, nothing really exciting or demonstrative as far as the venue is concerned, coffee shop gig sort of thing.  Not a problem, just you program it a little differently.

flyer for one of our gigs.

flyer for one of our gigs.

Then we got these two pdf’s from one of the places we are booked to play. Wow. Very technically exciting and very much of an upscale type venue. SO…..I think this will be more of a BLAST than I thought……. and the drummer said “something I never thought about, electronic drums!!”  PastedGraphic-1   TPG Stageplan Jazz Mai 2015

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Video Promo for Douglas and the Band!!!

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midst all great plans……

So, earlier in the year we had been contracted to play(the EJS BIG BAND) for a fundraiser at a “farm” so we could provide entertainment and they could dance and spend money for a “hippo therapy” facility or whatever.   What happened was, they “couldn’t get enough silent auction items” so they postponed the gig. To September!  So, the EJS was all geared up for a gig and no where to play.  We reached out and found that the Sonoraville HS didn’t have an auditorium, much less a theater and was trying to put together enough cash for finishing out a “black box” theater in the school. BINGO!!!! What a great cause to play for.  We made arrangements and showed up for the gig. Great gig, inside a gym but that was no big deal, great people lots of power and lights, good sound. Everything was great!!!

The band sounded wonderful and we had a great time and really killed it.    For 9 people.   Counting the teachers and helpers that were there to set up and tear down their stuff.

We have, in our history, played for a completely empty theater, when the booze couldn’t come into the theater but they could serve it in the lobby. Yep, you guessed it. On stage, played for 90 minutes to a completely empty house.  Oh well.

Found out later that the same nite we were scheduled to play for the Sonoraville HS, was, um, PROM NITE!!!  Oh well. best plans of mice and men….or something like that.

We had a good time and made some friends. We will be back!!!

IMGP5659 IMGP5667 IMGP5673 IMGP5648

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